Thursday, February 7, 2013

Embracing the Wonky

Timing is everything, especially with clay. The martini-style stemware was proving to be a challenge. Of the original test set, one survived the first firing. Not to be discouraged, I made the parts for seven more with more elaborate stems, and assembled four before quitting for the day. The next morning, I moved them and three stems instantly broke. There's no fixing that, either. While I loved how they looked, I was not in love with wasting time and materials. I made another set of seven and six made it into the kiln for the first firing, which they all survived. I glazed four and they are gorgeous! How functional they are is another matter. I supposed it depends on the function.

They are officially Wonky. I adore them. They look like they're having a conversation. Both of these will hold nearly four ounces, even at an angle. For me, that's adequate when it comes to straight alcohol, but that's my experience of tending bar talking. And if you can't handle a crooked cup, it's easier to tell when you've had enough, right? Otherwise, this set would look amazing with a scoop of sorbet, or shrimp cocktail. With the sturdier stems, I lost some of the fun. And if they're going to bend a little in the kiln, I might as well have a little more fun again. That, and I think I've found a solid system of construction. Here's the next set of seven, which are already safely in the kiln waiting to be fired. Hopefully, I'll have three sets listed on Etsy by early next week.
This batch, shown upside down here, has deeper cups to keep them functional in spite of the gestural outcome.

While they are drying, I'm catching up on a few days of caricatures. I need to rephrase my Project 365 to an average of a caricature a day. Right now, I keep a list, so even if I get behind a day or two, I know what I'll be doing when I get a chance to sit down to draw. It's interesting how most celebrities are a bit bland looking - perfect nose, perfectly plucked frozen brow, poofed lips. Not much to play with, really. Although a high percentage of what's trending is something like an arrest, breakup, or other devastating situation, or they're portraying someone more interesting, so at least that adds a little flavor. Here's what I drew for 'Depp to play Bulger':
It only occurred to me as I posted this that I forgot all about the striped mugshot background - oops! When I go through all the images for the book, I'll probably add that in.

And speaking of 'Trending Now', when it comes to tattoos that trend is quotes, and I am loving doing lettering. Recently, I met a fellow hardcore bookworm and here is her new tattoo of artwork she provided with an intentionally wavy font and block print-style illustration:

As soon as I can take a break from the pottery wheel, I'll be back to work on my own piece - can't wait! My daffodils started popping up two weeks ago, a better indication than a groundhog's shadow that we're having an early spring, most likely followed by an extremely hot summer. Rain barrels will in place as soon as the snow starts melting..


  1. I love the Wonky set! It gives new meaning to the word "tipsy!" Still greatly enjoying the caricature a day (even if they're not completed on the day, at least the "trending" part is!). The tattoo from The Book Thief is fantastic. A fitting tribute to the book and to books in general :)

  2. Love the glasses!

    and now, two weeks later, I am more in love with my Book Thief tattoo than when I got it! It was by far the best tattoo experience I've ever had! You'll be seeing me again... as soon I can figure out what I want next! :)