Thursday, January 24, 2013

So far, so good..

So far, a mere twenty four days into it, I am still keeping up with the caricatures. Using the 'Trending Now' section of Yahoo's home page has certainly made the decisions much easier. It also gives me a few choices so I don't have to necessarily draw someone I really don't want to waste any lead on, like the Octomom. Who really needs to be reminded of that hot mess on welfare?Jackie Chan, however, is entitled to his opinion like anyone else and it doesn't diminish his incredible skill or charm, as far as I'm concerned.

This cold weather is also keeping me productive making pottery! It's the perfect time to run a kiln when it's seven degrees outside. Especially when we're expecting another outrageously hot summer this year. I'm still focused on expanding and rounding out my line for the wholesale market. In addition to the french butter dish seen drying in the background in the photo below, I'm adding martini-style goblets, with wine goblets soon to follow. One of the set below made it into the kiln and is being bisque fired as I write this.
 And finally, people are thinking about tattoos again! It's that time of year, the holidays are done and for most people, swimming is months away. That coincides nicely with a tax return for some, too. I have one big piece coming up of a phoenix that I can't wait to start! But speaking of taxes, my year end accounting and the new shipping rate increases have me considering leaving Etsy to build my own storefront as part of my website instead. to keep things simpler, with a built-in shipping calculator so someone on the east coast doesn't have to pay west coast rates, then wait for a refund of the significant difference. So now, I'm off to research the possibilities.

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