Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm in the throes of updating and revamping my website. Hopefully it will be finished in a couple of far I've consolidated my Berkshire Caricatures pages, but I still have to tackle the Automotive Art, etc. (Not that it takes that long, but I have a house to paint when there's no threat of rain.)

I'll also be adding a page for my latest obsession, Artist Trading Cards. The American Gothic Pumpkinheads were for my first personal trade. Yes, I'm having a little TOO much fun with them. But after receiving yet another letter from an automobile manufacturer claiming my art infringes on their intellectual property, I'm more than done with ever painting another image of a car. So now what do I paint? I'm not sure, and playing with the ATCs is one way I'm trying to figure that out.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

and by the way

...if you find any grammatical or spelling errors, please let me know. I'm freaky particular about that sort of thing. Thanks!


I'm still attempting to get the wrinkles ironed out - if you double click the link for the bog, I mean blog,  on my website, it brings you to the blogger site. However, if you only click the navigation link once, you end up on a basically blank page. hmm. ...

I think I'll tackle the issue with a fresh mind in the morning after much caffeine.

my new blog

I'm going to try to create a landing spot for this before I start yapping..