Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New! Floral Landscapes...think Spring..

So a whole week flew by in a total blur and I just returned from the post office after sending off 20 envelopes with 30 newly created artist trading cards- and they're going all over the place. Canada, the Netherlands, Finland, UK, and coast to coast in the US. One thing I noticed is that they were mostly places that are cold right now. So I was inspired to paint some garden pieces after I came across yet another helpful tutorial on ArtTrader Magazine.com. Then I just added them as gallery wrapped canvasses, 24" x 8", in my Zazzle store.

Now, while most people are taking down their holiday decorations, I'm taking down my holiday retail pottery display and setting up to tattoo again. Now that people can see their tax return on the horizon, they're thinking ink, and I have drawings stacking up - wahoo! And, I have to make room to photograph the pottery I have left, and set up my wheel to make even more. Then I'll be fully re-stocked for my tent sale in the Spring..

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