Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Sketchbook is in the mail...

Okay..this was a bigger project than I expected, but not in the way I expected. When I disassembled the book for recovering, I assumed that putting it back together would be no big deal. At first, it wasn't. Then the staples ripped through the paper. Maybe this was because I glued in heavier paper using the existing paper as the base. Since I was on such a short deadline, I had to make it work, with what I had on hand. One of the many things I do is make and sell beaded leather cord necklaces. Fortunately, I had some leather cording on hand, ready to go. I wrapped it through the center of the book twice and made a knot on the inside. Now I know pretty much nothing when it comes to bookbinding, and I also realized that this wasn't the best time to learn. But as I added a stronger grade of paper, the book as a whole shifted, and led to trimming, fussing, and figuring it out, while keeping it durable enough to travel and be handled by anyone and everyone, not to mention keep as archival as possible. Once again, I had the right materials on hand already, thanks to my printmaking. All I can say is hooray for 3M and their photo tape, with which I edged the pages, bottoms and sides. Then center binding pushed out the pages, so I did a little repair, then coated it with black acrylic..
Here is Luther, my centerfold :)

  I'm pretty sure it will hold up. It is double reinforced with duct tape. Even better, I made the deadline. Here are a few more pages..

Okay...now I have to get back to designing tattoos...wahoo! Thanks, Cindy!! Sketchbooks are fun...

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