Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Latest Favorite Tattoo Resource..

So I've been tattooing more and more. Now that my spring gardening projects are nearing completion, I have more time to spend staying clean. The restaurant I was preparing for has been delayed so I have some breathing room. Finally - I have a minute to update my blog! (As far as I know, that project is moving forward, but the timing is up in the air for now.)

Times and resources for tattooing have changed, and for the better. Not all tattooers will agree, but when will everyone agree? Probably never. Not too long ago, it seems, tattoo shop interiors were plastered with posters of the classic, traditional tattoo drawings, ready to go. A companion to the posters on the wall is the file behind the counter of the stencils, ready to be sized and run through the stencil machine. Easy for all involved, especially the tattoo artist. No thinking, no back and forth. Someone knows what they want and there it is. Since I've been tattooing, I've met more than a few people who got too nervous and intimidated in the tattoo shop, pointed to something on the wall, and said, I'll go with that! Not very many people go that way anymore. Fortunately.

Now there are tattoo websites everywhere you look. I've had people bring me designs from all sorts of different places. I have purchased designs for clients from a few sites. It makes me happy that the artists are getting paid. Once, I worked in a shop with tattooers who couldn't draw to save their life. They trace all their tattoos from image search engines, straight off the monitor. For real.

I know I'm not the only one who has a problem with that. The federal government has a problem with that. It is illegal to use someone else's artwork without permission. But hey, people do it ALL the time. I know more than a few tattoo artists who post no photos of their work on the internet. It would get stolen. The other problem, I've witnessed this one firsthand, is the translation of a photo online to the tissue paper laid directly on the face of the monitor. A tattoo on someone's bicep, for example, is curved over a surface. If your tattooer traces that, the image is out of whack. The petals of your flower will be weirdly proportioned. Because there was no compensation by the tracer for the foreshortening.  Trace it and Place it. Get paid. That practice is an extremely common cheat. I think it sucks.

I do not trace tattoos. I will redraw from reference. A common and, as far as I know, legal practice. It takes many hours with some pieces to get them perfect, especially dragons or something else traditional or complex. Of course, I will always take on custom work. But if someone brings me artwork ready to go, it's almost a relief. I can just focus on the tattoo and the experience with my client. I meet so many cool people.

However, there are so many images by another hand that could perfect for your tattoo, and I found a really solid site. Plus, the fee is not per design - you can download as many as you want! I love that. And if you see nothing you like, there's a 60 day money back guarantee. No risk. And it's pretty inexpensive. So, I decided to become an affiliate. I love that they have a script writing tool!! I think it's something like 120 fonts specific to having the best result in a tattoo. Not all fonts age well.

The thing I love the most is that you can show up with exactly what you were looking for, something  you've gotten comfortable with, and are prepared to live with for the rest of your life. Clicking the link below that says, 'Click Here!' will tell them I was the one who sent you, and after that, if you bring me something you want tattooed from this site, I will give you 15% off your tattoo. After all, you saved me the drawing time and rewarded the artist who created exactly what you wanted. Win win all around.


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