Friday, July 26, 2013

Finally! Natural DIY Bug Spray That Works.

I have been trying to find a better, natural bug spray for years. One that would work for my dogs as well would be even better. After much research, I combined some essential oils that repelled all three threats: ticks, mosquitos, and fleas. The first formula wasn’t strong enough for the mosquitos around here. Until now, the only commercial bug spray that even comes close to working for me is ‘Deep Woods Off!’ Even then, it sweats off halfway through a hike, most of the time. And for some reason, DEET creeps me the hell out. 

For my four dogs, I’ve always used the monthly treatments available from my vet, to the tune of about $60 a month. That treatment is deadly to cats. How good can that be for my dogs? Not as bad as a tick bite, I suppose, but all four dogs have already tested positive for Lyme’s disease, in spite of using the treatment. And mosquitoes transmit heartworms, in addition to several other potentially deadly diseases. 

Since I’ve been using this spray on them, there have been no ticks, no fleas, and no mosquitos landing long enough to bite. Yesterday, I dared to take a four mile hike, through tall grass, past swamps, and deep into the woods wearing dark pants. Not a single mosquito bite, not a single tick. When I got home, I worked in my gardens for another two hours. Same deal. I am sold.

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